Shaker Resources

Shaker Sites and Groups

Fruitlands Museum, MA
Hancock Shaker Village, MA
United Society of Shakers, ME
Shaker Museum at South Union, KY
Shaker Museum at Pleasant Hill, KY
Alfred Shaker Museum, ME
Canterbury Shaker Village, NH
Shaker Heritage Society, NY
Shaker Museum & Library, NY
Shaker Historical Society & Museum, OH

Other Shaker-related Sites and Groups

Enfield Shaker Singers
Shaker Workshops

Articles about the Shakers

Adam Gopnik for the New Yorker: “Shining Tree of Life: What the Shakers Did”
Wendy Moonan for the New York Times: “Shaker Style: An Elegance Beyond Time”
Wendy Moonan for the New York Times: “Minimalist Art and Articles of Faith”